The Secret Garden is described in the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett and appears from the outside as a walled off area enmeshed with vines. There is no entrance.
The gate has long been covered up. The main character, Martha searches all around the area where it is thought to be and one day, a bird sitting on a nearby branch, starts to sing in an enchanting way. She feels like the bird is guiding her towards the hidden entrance to the garden. Following the bird’s song, she pushes open a thatch of vines revealing an old gate...
This small exhibition was inspired by ‘The Secret Garden’, revealing the secrets of the wild flowers and vines and herbaceous plants that can survive neglect. I allowed the wildflowers and weeds to grow within the garden, allowed the vines to wind and steal a home in the borders and vegetable patch. With my camera I captured the small worlds within. As the seasons changed,I made images of wild flowers, grasses and insects, as well as the cultivated plants that shared the spaces.