Jane Goodall is a cardiovascular research scientist but also a photographer and a judge for the East Anglian Federation of photographers. Originally from the Oxfordshire town of Didcot she traded the open skies of the Chiltons for the wind swept Fenland landscape that has been home for the last 25 years.

Inspired by the natural landscape and captivated by the fleeting moments of changing light and tides she has been drawn to the British coast, regions that include Dorset, Cornwall, Northumbria and the Scottish islands.

Her recent work focuses on local scenes, from the majestic views of geese on Kings College lawn in the mist, to rusting old diesel pumps hiding amongst the nettles in the fenland, and the local fauna and woodlands.

She has also found subjects within the University of Cambridge’s museums that are wonderful photographic inspiration such as the bottled and preserved creatures in the Natural History Museum (See Night in the Museum on her blog).

With concerns over climate change, she is ‘focusing’ on exploration with the camera using more environmentally friendly approaches, using her ebike or paddleboard to explore the local lodes and fenland. Jane travels throughout the East Anglia region and beyond, to visit photographic societies and judge their work and give talks on her photography