lecture calendar

I have judged and lectured extensively in East Anglia/North London and the Midlands. My lecture 'The Beautiful Light' and 'Family Photoshoots' have been very well received. I deliver a great lecture experience Online. I look forward to meeting your club members and particularly those clubs that have previously been too far away to visit. My Beautiful light lecture reveals my approach to landscape photography or environmental family photoshoots. Lectures are 2 hours including a break but can be suited to your specific requirements. email jcg3@medschl.cam.ac.uk

Come along to find out how I work the light for maximum effect and consider perspective and visual cues to make successful landscape images. I will discuss the psychology of seeing and why you need to consider how the human brain works, it which will make a big difference to the success of your images. I will show you my essential kit for a landscape photographer, some of which might surprise you. See how I use the latest ‘online’ and smartphone applications to aid in image making and optimise the choice of landscape locations. Also what ‘not to do’ and avoid some landscape photography slipups.
Its a fun and interactive evening, even online! I will share my post processing approach and include a few photoshop confessions as well.

Here is some recent feedback from the program secretary of Bigglewade camera club.

''many thanks for coming to Biggleswade and presenting your Beautiful Light print talk. Everyone thought it was fantastic and I have had several members tell me that you are the best speaker we have ever had - not sure what that says about my other bookings! Seriously though, it was one of the best presentations in my 20 years at Biggleswade so thanks again''.